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Founder / Awards Chair / Podcaster /

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Better Future Champion

About Me

I am passionate about creating a Better Future for our grandchildren’s grandchildren. For 40 years, I have been working on creative projects that sit on the edge of next. My mind is excited to get to the future faster and to help others get there too.


In 2005, I decided to build a community that celebrates applied design. Design that solves human needs and helps people to live with meaning and dignity. That project is now known as the Better Future Awards. In addition to the awards/recognition portfolio, we also have grown two other initiatives - the Better Future Exec Club and the Better Future Endowment

My vision is that through recognition, strategic development and impact projects that we can get to a Better Future faster.


The Better Future Awards are the world's largest network of awards and provide a flat fee structure where the cost of recognition isn't a surprise, absorbent or potentially gouging budgets for those that want to shine a spotlight on talented courageous souls and the amazing projects they completed.


In 2021 we presented over 1580 awards across 10 design award programs that covered over $USD472B. The ambition of the awards is to celebrate courage, diversity and excellence across a broad range of projects covering every aspect of life. In other words - we shine a torch on projects to recognise talented people and inspire others on what's possible.

When I'm not travelling for work there are two loves that keep me sane - live music and sailing. Both speak to my soul and remind me that there's more to life than work.

I began my creative career as a photographer, then switched to lighting design, stage systems design, digital media, and creative direction. I continue to be fuelled by my constant fascination with how we can improve our world. A Better Future starts now.